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Whale & Dolphin Watching in Mirissa

We organize whalewatching tours on both the south-coast and the east coast. The main area for whale watching in Sri Lanka is Mirissa, where there are whales all year around, but whales can be seen also in Kalpitiya and Trincomallee. The ever smiling, mischievous dolphins will put on a show while some of the oldest and the largest sea creatures, the humpback and the blue whales, will nonchalantly glide past you, when you embark on a whale/ dolphin watching excursion off the Southern, Eastern or the West coast of Sri Lanka. The ideal locations for whale watching would be Dondra Point (accessible from Galle, Hikkaduwa and Mirissa) and Trincomalee while the sea off Kalpitiya teems with an abundance of dolphins.


Sri Lanka’s spectacular natural beauty does not end at its shore-lines, beyond its picturesque beaches and in its warm sparkling seas, is an underwater world of magical beauty-gorgeously colored coral reefs, tropical fish that glow like jewels and other exotic sea-life, fascinating rock-formations, canyons, sea-caves and walls, and mysterious submerged shipwrecks, some centuries old. Fantastic sights, adventure and photo-opportunities await those who don mask, snorkel, flippers, or SCUBA gear or even explore by glass-keeled boat.

Deep Sea Diving

Keep diving around the year. During November to end of March the western and southern coasts of the island will provide fine opportunities for diving. March to September all dive centers operate in the East coast. For the Tec deep diver looking for a Hi Adventure, Dive the wreckage of the world’s first purpose built air craft carrier the HMS Hermes which was sunk off the coast of Batticaloa, on the 9th of April 1942 (Diving season between Mar and September)

Hot Air Balloon

As the multi-coloured hot-air balloon drifts silently above the forest, adventure takes on a whole new meaning. Startled by the noise of a sudden burst of gas keeping the balloon aloft, a couple of peacocks take flight directly below the balloon’s basket, their outrageously long iridescent blue and emerald tail feathers streaming behind like a psychedelic jet stream. Several deer dart nervously across a clearing below, but the small herd of elephants continues feeding, utterly unfazed by this aerial intruder. Balloons that travel with the wind, make for one of the most surreal and tranquil sensations of flight. Following the initial adrenaline rush of the take off, one could settle down to absorb the wonder of the colorful earth below.

Elephant Back Ride

Elephant Back Ride and Eco Tourism activities are, most harmonies blend distinct cultural and natural elements of its own particular locality. Our Eco tourism has become establish rapidly as one of the most innovative and expert providers of nature based tourism in Asia. Elephants are the great travel companion since ancient time. You can have great opportunity with elephant in elephant riding. While elephant ride you can observe wild life as well as people’s life. With this greatest beast you will have most unforgettable experience in your life time. We can arrange you elephant riding in Sigiriya, Habarana, Minneriya, Kavudulla as well as in villages you wish to wive while sitting on elephant back

Mountain Biking

Environmentally-friendly off-road mountain biking tours and multi-sport adventures in national parks, mountains, valleys, beaches, tropical forests, reservoirs and villages of the untamed Sri Lankan backcountry in South Asia. Throughout the year you can enjoy forests rims of Sinharaja Tropical Forest, Sabaragamuwa mountains, massive reservoirs, uninhabited Indian Ocean coastline, and footpaths of hill-country tea plantations. We insist on small informed groups to preserve and maintain access to the secretive wild areas we enjoy.

Rock Climbing

Relatively new activity for us and to the country, but that situation offers you many opportunities to be part of new discoveries new climbing routes For less serious climbers we have some exciting routes that are already developed including the rock face of Sri Lanka’s highest waterfall ‘Bambarakanda’ If you are a professional climber be a part of our discovery missions where we can work as a team and explore!

Trekking & Hiking

Backpacking is the outdoor recreation of carrying gear on one’s back, while hiking for more than a day. It is often but not always an extended journey, and may or may not involve camping outdoors. In Sri Lanka tenting is common, where simple shelters and mountain huts found widely. Tramping is an equivalent term though overnight huts are frequently used. Hill walking is the equivalent, though backpackers make use of all kinds of accommodation, in addition to camping. Backpackers use simple huts. Similar terms used in other countries are trekking.


Yala is an untamed, mysterious and magical land ruled by the laws of the jungle. A National Park with one of the highest leopard concentrations in the world, it is also home to elephants, sloth bears, crocodiles and peacocks as well as a rich tapestry of flora and fauna. Jetwing Yala is a hotel which seamlessly blends in with its surroundings. It will undoubtedly become the natural choice of residence for wildlife enthusiasts and safari holidaymakers. We can modify tour itinerary and use different camping to better suit the specific needs and interests of you.

White Water Rafting

Our operators promotion Sri Lanka solely on the merits of its white-water rafting, but the sport certainly is catching on fast. With many rivers arising in the central mountains and then flowing downhill for much of their length, the island has several good locations for the sport. In a morning’s rafting you can confront awesome rapids with names such as virgin’s breast, head chopper, killer fall, rib cage and slot and drop. Water Rafting area in Sri Lanka:- Kithulgala.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Canoeing is a sport or recreational activity which involves paddling a canoe with a single-bladed paddle. In some parts of Europe canoeing refers to both canoeing and kayaking. With 103 rivers and a wealth of swamps, lagoons and interconnected old canals, Sri Lanka provides no end of opportunities to try out Kayaking and canoeing.


Arugam Bay are prime locations south of Trincomalee. The best time for windsurfing on the west coast is between November and April the monsoon hits and the seas can be very rough. These conditions are more suitable for experienced windsurfers.

Train Ride

Colombo Fort to Badulla or Kandy to Ella is the most popular Railway track among the tourists as this goes through the Tea Plantation and most scenic landscapes in Sri Lanka’s Hill Country. In this Railway line most people take Kandy to Ella station leg. In this railway line, train goes up to Peradeniya on Colombo Fort – Kandy line and from Peradeniya Station the train switches the tracks towards Badulla where you will pass Hatton, Thalawakale, Great Western, Nanu Oya(NuwaraEliya), Ambewela, Pattipola, Ohiya, Haputale, Diyatalawa, Bandarawela, Ella and Demodara stations through Tea Estates, Misty Mountains and Valleys. This is a very scenic Train Journeys in the world.

Boat Ride

Boat riding is a very enjoyable activity to do when you are in Sri Lanka. It gives you an insight to the life of the people living along the river bank. Visit Sri Lanka and experience an endless variety of thing to do. Sri Lanka offers boat rides in eco- friendly high rafts.

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